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Xenadrine Hardcore Reviews

Xenadrine Hardcore Review

Xenadrine Hardcore is a name of a new and improved fat burner Xenadrine that you have certainly previously heard about.

The producers say that “Xenadrine Hardcore with EphenyLide™ is the first weight loss supplement in history that offers the dual functionality of ephedrine - thermogenesis - plus the missing link…nootrogenic™ power!”

Fat burners, weight loss, suppressed diet, effectiveness, diet, exercise…..all words that are making us get crazy over the choice of the correct fat burning agent or in other words the best fat burner.

Well, we the public would apply some skepticism when hearing any and every slogan which promotes a pill as a miracle, but for those interested we would like to review the properties and ingredients of this weight loss supplement.

In addition we would like to remind you about the case against the producers of Xenadrine Hardcore, Messrs Cytodyne who were found guilty of exaggerating the properties of their products and have even go as far as forging results.

Nevertheless it is only fair that we review this diet pill on its actual properties instead of slashing it. So without further ado, we can say that the Xenadrine Hardcore pill contains the following:

1. Ephenylide Proprietary thermogenic & Nootrogenic Factors 625 mg

2. Total Caffeine - 120 mg

The fancy title or a name of EphenyLide Proprietary Thermogenic & Nootrogenic Factors actually means the following ingredients:

*Yerba mate: sources of xanthine related compounds and caffeine. It has thermogenic and fat burning properties.

*caffeine: is the best known fat burning ingredient. It causes cells to release fat and increase lipolysis.

*green tea: is a very effective fat burner and weight loss pill. Almost every diet pill actually contains green tea extract.

*guarana: works and delivers results. It's a good weight loss ingredient and is very recommended.

As you can see, these ingredients are all common fat burners or fat burning agents that have been used for a long time in many other weight loss pills.

The key word when talking this diet supplement is caffeine and indeed there would be nothing special to write home about considering that this is the key ingredient in nearly all other fat burners. The formula thus contains nothing revolutionary.

Side Effects Review:

Xenadrine Hardcore is not recommendable to people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure (well obviously – these would run at the sound of coffee anyway), and people with heart conditions.

For people who drink plenty of coffee anyway, we recommend a consultation with a general practitioner before they go on Xenadrine Hardcore.

Xenadrine Hardcore does basically have all the side effects that caffeine has and as a slight diuretic.

The Xenadrine Hardcore is not to be taken with any other stimulant. Pregnant or nursing women should also refrain from using this product.

With regard to cost, prices can very between US30 and US60 but online ordering normally will save you some on Xenadrine Hardcore.