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Slender Slim Reviews


Slender Slim is a product mostly sold in the UK, though we have found that there are some retailers that ship to the United States and other countries as well. They advertise it as the ultimate fat burning evolution with patented ingredients and without any side effects.

It cannot really be said that any ingredients have no side effects, as a person can literally be allergic to anything. But it seems that most people are not actually allergic to the disclosed blend found in Slender Slim.

So what is this patented, pharmaceutical grade ingredient?

The only ingredient found in Slender Slim is the good fat known as CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. It has recently been proven in clinical studies to promote fat burning as well as the growth of lean muscle mass if used in the right amounts.

The problem with most vendors is that they don’t actually provide the right amounts. CLA requires an extremely high amount at 3000mg-4500mg. So they aren’t going to put it into one pill as that would practically be a horse pill. But most also aren’t willing to provide it in several pills due to higher costs.

Slender Slim recommends that you take 4 500mg capsules 3 times per day, which equals out to about 2000mg, definitely not the needed and clinically proven dose. In addition, if you were to take that dose, one bottle would only last you 15 days, which is definitely not a standard procedure.

So how much does Slender Slim cost?

Slender Slim costs 37 Euros per bottle, which won’t last 15 days if you actually take the amount you should. That equals out to about $74 per bottle as the Euro has recently been worth more economically speaking than the dollar.

And what about a money back guarantee?

Slender Slim only seems to sell through third party sellers, meaning there is no standard money back guarantee. It really depends on the seller. But we have not found one that does thusfar.

Deduction of Slender Slim

Slender Slim has potential. But they don’t provide the right amounts, the right dosages, or a reasonably sized bottle. Unfortunately, this means that most users will not take the right amounts and therefore will not see any results.