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Relacore Side Effects

Have you been informed on Relacore side effects? According to its website, Relacore has no known negative side effects at this time. But my question is: is it possible for a product to have no possible side effects even in the long term?

How can we be sure about the dangers of Relacore? The only way to know is through research.

In fact the maker of the supplement has to publish the proven conclusion of its claims. But it’s not actually the fact.

A complete review of Relacore will necessary help people know about the long term effects they may experiment when taking this fat burner supplement.

Like many fat burner pills, Relacore has been advertised with exaggerated claims. Generally supplements promise a lot and deliver significantly less. For this reason, the fundamental principle to apply is: "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

Another problem with Relacore: trying to subtract the consumer to its personal responsibility. People may start thinking they are not responsible of their obesity. An example: discussing about obesity and its side effects, the Relacore website let clearly knows to people:

If you suffer from obesity,you are not responsible. The main causes of your problem is combination of excess cortisol, the stress you face every day and overeating. But even overeating is the result of high stress and cortisol levels. If you are today tired, thick and overweight, forgive yourself because it's not your fault.

Anyone including people who have taken Relacore knows that overeating is the main factor in weight gain. Overeating is a habit that results of a choice.It can’t be attributed to the stress and cortisol levels without exaggeration.

We agree with the fact that in some individuals, high level of cortisol may increase appetite. But we can’t find the link between obesity and cortisol (except for those who are affected by Cushing's Syndrome).

A word about stress and cortisol: let me tell you that high levels of cortisol may be the only indicator of a serious disease called Cushing's Syndrome that affects about 10 to 15 in one million people.

If you suspect you may have this hormonal disease, your main action should not be to take this fat burner supplement but to contact your physician. It’s also a good suggeston from Relacore advertisers.

Make a search on the net and you will find these complaints from people who have taken Relacore. The side effects reported are:

*Heart Palpitations

*Weight Gain in a few cases

*Headaches and nausea



*Blood Pressure Fluctuation

*Blurred Vision


Because of the possible side effects of Relacore, pregnant and nursing moms should not take this product.