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Phen375 Reviews


Phen375 claims that you can burn fat, increase metabolism, and suppress appetite all in one. They claim to be prescription grade, which is by the way an entirely false pretense, and they claim to finally provide the ultimate alternative to prescription Phentermine. This being said, they claim that you will finally be able to lose 3-5 pounds per week which is about twice the regular for diet and exercise alone.

So ideally speaking, the idea of replacing prescription Phentermine is a good one. You want the amazing results. But you want it to ideally speaking last longer, and you definitely want to have it without the side effects. This being said, there are those natural diet pills that we think could do this.

So what are the ingredients?

Trimethylxanthine -this is another name for caffeine. Yes, they made a sneaky effort to hide it. Caffeine causes side effects, and quite frankly, it doesn't necessarily cause results unless you have at least 400mg. They don't have this amount, and it doesn't even burn that much fat. Like Phentermine, it is temporary.

DHEA -this powerful antioxidant has its purposes of course. It can actually improve brain function. But it does not promote weight loss!

L-carnitine -this is an amino acid. The lotion commercials which as you may have noticed have been shut down, used to claim that it would eliminate cellulite. L-carnitine does not burn fat. On its own, it's not even that helpful to building muscles. So you get the basic idea.


They price it at $69.95 for a 30 day supply. We did our research of course, and that is ironically a higher price than you could buy prescription Phentermine for at a conventional pharmacy! How ridiculous is that?


We would not recommend using Phen375. It will not actually help you to lose weight, and frankly, even in the best circumstances, it would not help you to lose any weight at all! This being said, you would be far better off using something else that actually works! And frankly, most Phentermine alternatives don't to be blunt.