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Oxotrim Reviews


Oxotrim claims to be the ultimate thermogenic fat burner that you need to lose weight, burn fat, increase metabolism, and increase energy among other things. But of course, it is completely safe and will not cause any side effects. It just uses clinically proven ingredients and approaches.

They focus much of their attention on an ingredient called 7-Keto, claiming that there are multiple studies and otherwise hat support its generalized claims. This is their centerpiece, though of course they say that they have other powerful ingredients that will help you to lose more weight. They claim that with this, they can double your weight loss results.

So what are the ingredients?

Theobromine-an active constituent of chocolate, this is capable of producing a modest thermogenic fat burning effect in the body

Advantra-z -this alternative to ephedrine is otherwise known as a patented form of synephrine. They claim that it can burn fat, increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and increase energy all at the same time. But the jury still seems to be out to some degree, and there have been reports of relatively serious side effects

Green tea -the most popular thermogenic fat burner on the market, this can apparently give you benefits. But it requires at least 400mg, they have 100mg

5-HTP -this is a natural mood lifter. It has nothing to do with weight loss

Caffeine -an extremely common and cheap fat burner that causes side effects and limited results

Glucuronolactone -produced by the metabolism of glucose in the uman liver, it has been the subject of a number of urban legends including deaths by brain tumor. But all of these have been proven false

Taurine -an amino acid, it is found within the muscles, nourishes them, and it does not promote weight loss

L-carnitine -an amino acid, it is found within the muscles, nourishes them, and it does not promote weight loss

7-keto -a natural metabolite, 7-keto has been known to enhance energy, memory, and thermogenesis within the body.

Coral calcium -a form of calcium that does not come with all the problems of dairy sources, this has nothing to do with weight loss.


This product is priced at $49.95. The simple fact is that it won't exactly work the way you expect. This being said, it is one of the more expensive products out there, especially when you are comparing it to similar formulas you could find in a grocery store.


We would not recommend using Oxotrim. It is a complete and total waste of your money. Many of their ingredients don't even have anything to do with weight loss in the first place, and the ones that do have nothing to do with weight loss in the first place. This being said, Oxotrim will still cause a number of different side effects, and you would be much better off using something else.