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NutriVeda Reviews


NutriVeda comes from a MLM company based out of Utah known as Zrii. It is a health company based on the idea of bringing exotic ingredients to the forefront to attract some kind of attention. Now companies like this have used everything from noni to mangosteen to actually shitake mushrooms. We were more entertained by the one based on mushrooms, because you can get those in the grocery store, and shitake mushrooms have never been known for supposedly amazing benefits such as for example those of noni. This being said, Zrii is based on an ingredient called Amalaki. It helps that most people have never actually heard of it. You would think it wouldn't. But for some reason, people like it.

They claim that this particular formula, unlike the original amalaki formula, will actually suppress appetite, burn fat, and control blood sugar levels all at the same time. It is made into a meal replacement shake, and apparently it's supposed to replace many competitors, giving you all around better wellbeing.


Gymnema sylvestre -this ingredient has been known to control your blood sugar levels. It has rather modest weight loss results for that reason. But when combined with garcinia cambogia and chromium, it promotes far more significant weight loss results. However, they don't actually have these two other ingredients, and this also requires a certain amount for even modest results. They don't have those amounts.

Guggul -guggul extract of course comes from the guggul tree. There are two different types of guggul. There is yellow and brown. The brown has been proven in Ayurvedic medicine and science to actually improve lean muscle mass as well as basic thyroid health in mostly healthy individuals. This being said, the yellow variety does nothing, and it's significantly cheaper. Which one do you really think that they use?

Turmeric -often used as a rare spice, there are plenty of people out there who pay a lot of money to get it for their food. However, outside of its pleasant and sought after taste, it is a member of the ginger family. Ginger has of course been known for its benefits. Turmeric however is known as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It is not a weight loss supplement.

Green Tea -green tea is by far the most popular weight loss ingredient right now. It comes from Asia, they drink it a lot, and of course that must be the reason why they're skinny and healthier, it has nothing to do with the otherwise healthy general dieting habits. This being said, they have actually done hundreds of tests showing that green tea, in the right amounts, typically about 400mg or 8 8oz cups per day, could promote fat burning and weight loss. It also of course comes with antioxidant benefits. But they don't have 400mg.

Amalaki -a natural antioxidant, it is said to help you to detoxify and rejuvenate the body by advertisers. Of course, you do have to remember that quite frankly speaking, antioxidants do not detoxify the body. They kill off toxins yes. But to detoxify, you actually need other ingredients like dandelion root and milk thistle. This being said, it is mostly popular as an Ayurvedic herb, only a few of which have actually been proven beneficial scientifically speaking.

Haritaki -we're rather annoyed by products like this for one reason, well for many reasons. But there is one major reason. They seem to believe that if something was used in traditional medicine, in this case specifically Ayurvedic medicine, then it must be some miracle cure. It doesn't work out that way. As people who have actually tried to study hoodia could tell you, sometimes it's just a myth. This being said, haritaki is often used to alleviate stomach ailments, anemia, fever, diarrhea, coughs, etc. There are some that would extend the benefits farther to anorexia and otherwise. But realistically, when you think about it, anorexia is a serious mental disorder that isn't going to be magically healed by some herb, and the same goes for some of the other claims.

Cinnamon -Now if you eat cinnamon on a cinnamon bun, it probably is not going to do you any good. This being said, when used properly, cinnamon can control blood sugar levels for small amounts of weight loss. But they don't even have the proper amounts to do that.

Cayenne -We like natural ingredients from the kitchen when they back up other legitimate ingredients and they have the right amounts. They have other legitimate ingredients in amounts too small to actually produce results. So obviously, there is nothing to back up. But they also fail to provide the right amounts of cayenne.


At $80, you can see the MLM element come in. Now there is only one MLM company we've seen that did not charge an arm and a leg, basing their company instead on the concept of high quality products at wholesale or lower prices. But Zrii is obviously not it. Zrii charges you to get into the company, from what we've heard thousands. They charge you about $80 or $140 for the original formula per month to stay active, and it takes recruiting about 20 people or more to even get your money back. So realistically speaking, that in mind and the formula in mind, this product is definitely not worth about 2-4X as much as most others.


We would not recommend using Zrii NutriVeda. It is among the biggest jokes we've ever seen. Now don't get me wrong, there are people among us who pay ridiculous amounts for similar MLM products. Some of us are particularly fond of the Noni chews. It's like a starburst that we can tell ourselves is healthy, even though somewhere inside we know it's really not. But realistically speaking, you're not paying $80 for noni chews! You are paying $80 for a small supply of this, and when you buy this, you are actually hoping for something like weight loss results!