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Lipozene Reviews

Lipozene Fat Burner Review

Lipozene diet pill is a registered trademark of Obesity Research which offers wonderful results through the main ingredientin the product glucomannan.

As the manufacturers of lipozene have phrased it “Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is derived from the Konjac root.

Konjac is a perennial plant unique to Asia, and cultivated in Japan. An average of 13% dry matter is included in the fresh Konjac tuber.Starch represents 30% andthe other 70% is Glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a poly-saccharide consisting of repeating units of beta-D-glucose and beta-D-mannose joined together in a chain by 1,4 linkages.

By expanding and increasing in size while in the stomach, Glucomannan can be useful for people trying to lose weight.

Fiber-containing foods such as Oats are known to help reduce cholesterol, and assist in weight reduction by creating a feeling of fullness. Glucomannan may also demonstrate improvements in the total cholesterol of obese patients.

Lipozene ingredients offer a significant advantage over these other forms of fiber - much smaller doses are necessary to achieve optimum results.”

Indeed, Glucomannan is already a proven agent for fat burning and weight loss and as such an ingredient contained in a number of weight loss or diet pills on the market. We have read a handful of good reviews on the subject.

Does Lipozene really work? Are there adverse side effects and complaints about Lipozene pill? Is Lipozene weight loss supplement linked to fraud? Do people get results with it?

Lipozene is indeed the newest of the products from the Obesity Research Institute. Earlier products are the Propolene and Fiberslim, which are also containing Glucomannan.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers – Obesity Research Institute – were charged by the Federal Trade Commission for false and unsubstantiated claims in respect of these products, which is not really what one needs to advertise. The Federal Trade Commission states (inter alia)

“FTC Settles Claims with Marketers of FiberThin and Propolene

The marketers of the dietary supplements FiberThin and Propolene have settled Federal Trade Commission charges that their misleading weight-loss claims violated federal laws. The principal defendants, located in Encinitas, California, are barred from making false claims about any dietary product in the future and are required to pay $1.5 million in consumer redress.” You can read more by clicking here.

Bottom line :

I personally give good points to products that contain glucomannan. People who use them lose weight. This is understandable because this nutrient is good fiber and has been proven to cause weight loss. They only have to take a good multivitamin with the formula because glucomannan seems to reduce absorption of many nutrients.

I only advise you to buy fiber yourself if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this.

However, the manufacturer of Lipozene has a credibility problem. But if you still wish to risk it (I my self will never buy a product of a company that has already been involved in a fraud case), please note that Lipozene is not recommended whilst breastfeeding whether or not there are claims that if taken properly Lipozene has no side effects.

Well, I should say that if Lipozene has no side effects, it will be the one and only object under the sun that has no side effects!