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Lipoxinol Reviews

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The producers of believe that their product is ultimately the best fat burner . The advertisements claim its qualities in the review from their official site and consider the supplement to be an Appetite control formula and a thyroid enhancer.

You do not really have to visit many review sites to know that every producer of a fat burning stimulant has a similar motto intended to promise you the world and get you to buy their product.

However, as with most products, there isn’t much of real feedback or scientifically and clinically proven data/benefits, which is probably why you are still searching to find some information on what Lipoxinol can do for you.

There are two things that bother me about this product. First, it is rarely (if at all) available at drugs stores. A lot of people have claimed to be victims of these out-of-stores products. I want to warn you even if it’s not probably the case of Lipoxinol.

When a product is available solely online, it’s easy to believe that the producers are making it difficult for the consumers to actually talk to them and come back with feedback and problems if any. Accountability is a big thing with me.

Next, the formula, just like with many other products, is not fully disclosed to public which makes many of us potential consumers suspicious. We are given as much as the basic supplement information.

Let’s review the ingredients in Lipoxinol:

1) Fiberzide™ (1800 mg):this trade mark formula of Lipoxinol contains glucomannan and xanthan gum. We understand that while many sources of soluble fibers are beneficial, konjac roots bear the distinction of containing konjac glucomannan, the most recommended soluble fiber in nature.

Latestclinical studies confirm that glucomannan can regulate blood sugar level, lower LDL(Bad) cholesterol, increase weight loss and satiety with fewor no side-effects.

2) Thermazene™ (789 mg): this is another trade mark formula of the manufacturers of Lipoxinol which contains Green Tea, Caffeine, Forslean, Vinpocetine and Bioperine.

i) Green tea extract : has been for ages admitted to be a metabolic rate booster and as such to be a sure weight loss and fat burning agent. As such it is a (key) ingredient in many other fat burning agents/stimulants.

ii) Caffeine: is another long established ingredient for fat burners. It has a thermogenic effect. It is often derived from natural sources (often from yerba mate and guarana)

iii) Forslean: There are supposed to be several benefits including an important increase lipolysis (fat burning),an increase of the thyroid hormones (to enhance the metabolic rate) , an elevationof the insulin secretion (to burn carbohydrates), a lowering in blood pressure, a relaxation of the smooth muscle and arteries.

3) Thyrotril™ (85 mg) :the thyroid-stimulating element that contains Guggulsterone. In addition to its anti inflammatory properties, Guggul can lower cholesterol, protects the heart against free radical damage and reduce atherosclerotic plaques. Its effectiveness as a fat burner has not been demonstrated.

4) Chromium (100 mcg): In addition to control the level of blood sugar and reducing the level of blood cholesterol, chromium supplementation can effectively increase lean body mass while at the same time lower body fat.

Bottom line:

Should we recommend you to buy Lipoxinol? Can you get any good benefits from this weight loss pill?

We sincerely believe that this diet pillmay be a good tool in your fight against obesity. It contains valuable ingredients like glucomannan, chromium, caffeine and green tea.

As we said, we would prefer to know exactly the amount of each ingredient.

It would also be a good idea to make this supplement available in stores so that customers should feel more confident when buying Lipoxinol.