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Liporexall Reviews


Liporexall’s main claim to fame is that it can supposedly increase your fat burning potential by 90%, also building 700% more lean muscle weight for 900% more total weight loss. They claim it was “accidentally” discovered and has quickly become the “secret to permanent weight loss and being able to lose 33 pounds in just 8 weeks.”

So what is in this “revolutionary blend?

Chromemate -this patented and further proven form of chromium is far more powerful than the original. It regulates your blood sugar levels and helps you to skim the fattening agents out of the foods you love

Super Citrimax -This blend is meant to curb appetite, burn fat, and produce significant weight loss results. It promotes healthy blood lipid levels and reduces your BMI. IT has also been shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain.

Pinnothin -Pinnothin is a powerful appetite suppressant recently discovered and yet powerfully patented. It is completely natural and one of the best thusfar.

Advantra-Z -a powerful concentration of synephrine, advantra-z is made from bitter orange. It has been credited with increased fat burning, decreased appetite, and other basic weight loss attributes that have been compared to ephedra without the side effects.

NeOpuntia -this all natural fat binding element comes from the cactus plant, and it is the most powerful patented and proven ingredient in that area.

Phase 2 -this powerful carb blocker is made from the extract of the white kidney bean. If blocks a certain amount of the carbs you take in from being digested by the body and therefore promotes significant results.

7-Keto DHEA -a natural metabolite of DHEA, 7-Keto works to support energy production, healthy skin, lean muscle mass, liver function, and other basic functions of the body.

Infinergy -This blend of dicaffeine malate takes basic caffeine and makes it more potent for more amazing fat burning results. It has been proven to reach its maximum potential when combined with synephrine, the component of Advantra-Z

Tonalin -this element that targets fat helps you to lose weight and develop muscle

Bioperine -an element of black pepper, bioperine promotes a higher fat burning potential


Liporexall is priced at $49.99 per bottle. This may seem high as compared to your average Hydroxycut or Dexatrim product. But considering the difference in results: ie, Liporexall works and those products don’t, it is definitely worth the price difference.


Liporexall is a top grade product with promising results. It has 9 patented weight loss ingredients, which essentially means some scientist has taken the time and effort to promote more potent and powerful results with the same basic ingredient. They have isolated the most powerful elements and used only those. We believe that you can lose weight with Liporexall. Results will depend on the person, but it is definitely impressive.