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Instone LeanFire Reviews

Instone Lean Fire Leanfire

If you are a big fan of Silvester Stallone action movies then you probably know that he uses Instone performance supplements to keep in good shape. To tell you the truth, I can not deny that Syvester Stallone is in awesome good shape.

After all, who didn't love the "Rocky" series? Come on! The marketing strategy works! The managers of InStone have chosen the right person to praise the qualities of their product.

LeanFire is the name of an InStone fat burning product. In order to find out whether this InStone product is effective or not, we must review its main ingredients. I guess it is not an earth shattering product although it contains some relatively potent ingredients.

What is in the InStone fat burner?

As with most fat burners, the InStone formula includes caffeine (300 mg) and green tea (300 mg). Actually, after the ban of ephedra, I cannot think of any fat burner which does not contain these two main ingredients. Green tea is popular with its fat burning abilities. However, most clinical studies point out that the combination of green tea and caffeine can be really quite effective when it comes to weight loss.

However, you have to be very careful with the intake of InStone products. Although they may give some very good results, as with all fat burning supplements, the caffeine content is significant. LeanFire contains 300 mg of pure caffeine alone. Pay attention that this number does not include the caffeine content of the green tea.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine but you still want to try this fat burner, I have some good news for you. The regular dosage is 3 capsules but you can cut the dosage to one capsule without fear of any caffeine-induced side effects.

LeanFire also contains 7-Keto (50 mg). 7-Keto is a substance involved in metabolism. The good thing about this ingredient is that it promises good results but it leads to no side effects. It reduces stress, enhances sleep and mood pattern and improves energy and sex drive. Moreover, 7-Keto has positive effect on thyroid hormone levels. It helps reduce body fats and body weight by enhancing the thyroid function.

L-Tyrosine 650 mg: is an amino acid. It has the ability to increase thyroid hormone levels and thus to boost your metabolism. However, some people still doubt that L-Tyrosine is a thyroid-hormone precursor. As well, L-Tyrosine has a positive effect on mood and concentration.

Vitamin C 120 mg: It stops oxidative damage to native LDL cholesterol. By doing this it prevents and protects against heart attack.

Evo-Lean blend 255 mg: is a blend of ingredients that contains E & Z Gugulsterone, evodia rutaecarpa and rhodiola rosea roots.

Guggulsterones is also one of the InStone’s ingredients. It has been known to Ayurvedic medicine for ages. A study carried out in India and published in 1989 claims that this ingredients has the amazing ability to decrease LDL (we call this one “bad” cholesterol) and blood fats (called triglycerides) while at the same time it increases the levels of the good cholesterol "HDL."

The other ingredient is Rhodiola rosea root just like ginseng supplies the human body with energy and stamina. I cannot deny its effectiveness but I actually doubt that it plays a huge role in this formula. In order to obtain result you have to take 170 mg of this ingredient per day! LeanFire does not contain enough Rhodiola to have much of an effect.

A Chinese fruit called Evodia rutaecarpa is also a part of the InStone’s formula. This fruit is believed to prevent the body from storing fat and to burn fat by increasing the body's production of heat.

Bottom line:

As a conclusion, I will add that probably InStone Lean Fire fat burning products could be effective. In fact, it is true that LeanFire contains some decent ingredients like caffeine, green tea, guggul, 7-keto… If you are going to take LeanFire, first start with the lowest recommendable dose.

Although LeanFire contains some very potent ingredients, do not think that it is a miracle pill and it will provide you with fast satisfactory results. No fat burner supplement or diet pill can do this. You need to consider a proper diet, an exercise program and a change in your lifestyle in order to obtain results. If you do not try to keep a nutrition scheme and work out, InStone LeanFire will do nothing for you without making some efforts.