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Hoodiadrene Reviews


Hoodiadrene claims to target all aspects of weight loss for both male and female dieters alike. They claim it will help you to increase your muscles, decrease fat, improve muscle tone, and suppress your appetite and cravings all in one simple Z-Plex formula. It is created by a company known as Newton-Everett.

But what you might not know about this formula is that it's $10 more expensive than other common Newton Everett products. It's one of their more popular products and one of only a few that actually sell through third party retailers, which explains the markup. This being said, they claim to support healthy weight loss, which is a big claim with them releasing adrenaline and noradrenaline.

So what are the ingredients?

Vitamin C -a vitamin. It does not promote weight loss, though it could boost your immune system as traditionally thought

Pantothenic acid -an essential vitamin, does not promote weight loss

Vitamin B6 -often used to promote greater energy as an essential vitamin, it does not promote weight loss.

Magnesium -an essential vitamin, does not promote weight loss.

Green tea -the most common ingredient out there. It's effective in amounts of 400mg, but not in the undisclosed amounts that they use.

Advantra-z -a patented form of synephrine, this has been proposed to be the ultimate alternative to ephedra without the side effects. In some areas, the jury is still out.

Cocoa extract -up until this point in the ingredients list, we were thinking that this formula looks a lot like another formula of theirs. This also comes from chocolate, which their other formula uses as well. But this is more of an antioxidant, not a fat burner.

Acetyl-l-tyrosine -we cannot say it enough. Amino acids do not promote weight loss or build muscles. They feed muscles, big difference!

Yerba mate -when combined with guarana and damiana, this blows up in the stomach and keeps you full for longer. It never burns fat like they claim. This being said, without those other ingredients, it interestingly enough has no affect at all on weight loss. These are the only ingredients we've seen like that.

Dl-methionine -it's used in pet food to some degree. But it really has no uses in human food or diet pills for that matter.

Ginger root -this popular natural ingredient has been thought to be a safe at home fat burner. But if you look at the actual evidence, the results are very small.

Quercitin -often used as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory, neither of these lead to weight loss.

Fisetin -a coloring agent, as you can tell not related to weight loss.

DMAE -a brain function enhancer, it has not been proven to promote weight loss.

Grape seed extract -a powerful antioxidant, often used for hair growth. It has not been connected to weight loss.

Hoodia gordonii -the last ingredient on the list, this ingredient does not promote weight loss. You can't get it, so you don't even know what you're getting. But labs that have tried studying the real thing have found that it does not actually suppress appetite.


At $59.95, it costs $10 more than the average product from this company, because it's found through third party retailers as well. So while their products are normally in the higher price range of diet pills, this is obviously a more expensive price.


This being said, you would be better off buying something else. It does not actually promote weight loss, and though a select few of its ingredients could be helpful, they don't disclose amounts and use a tiny proprietary blend to supposedly cover all of them. They have a price way too high for even those ingredients in the right amounts, let alone this particular formula. But this kind of scam is all too common unfortunately.