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Hoodia 90 Reviews

Hoodia 90 Reviews

All of Hoodia 90's advertising is focused on the media hype and otherwise reports surrounding hoodia. Keep in mind, media reports do not amount to scientific evidence, just news reports from certain stations and celebrities, not scientists.


The other ingredient listed in Hoodia 90 is 2400mg of hoodia gordonii. But you can't get hoodia gordonii anywhere outside of South Africa as it is illegal to export, and there have been no scientific studies, though there have been multiple attempts, that even begin to substantiate the claim.

Hoodia 90's advertising does suggest that it uses more supposed hoodia than any other product, and they technically do, and they would if it were real hoodia. But again, real hoodia isn't proven to have any effect on weight loss. It is however proven to promote liver damage and over time liver failure.


One bottle is generally priced at $59.99 when you participate in their mandatory autoship program. This is a standard and reasonable price for products with multiple ingredients that are clinically proven and actually patented or found in the right weight loss compounds. But Hoodia 90 doesn't have any of those claims to fame.

Money Back Guarantee:

It is an As Seen On TV product. So they promote a 30 day money back guarantee like it's reassuring and revolutionary. Most people forget to return within 30 days, and 30 days is not enough time to see if something works. That includes the time it takes to receive the product in shipping and handling. So you don't even get the 30 days included in one bottle.

Deduction of Hoodia 90:

If you like to get ripped off, Hoodia 90 is the one for you. But most people who buy diet pills actually want to lose weight. It's an unfortunate fact for companies like this. All things considered, we consider them to be a product that uses undisclosed ingredients. They don't have any proven ingredients, and their advertising relies purely on hype, not fact. In fact, it goes in opposition to proven facts. We would not suggest buying this product.