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Guggul Review
Guggulipid Benefits on Cholesterol

Guggul or Guggulipid reviews Other name: Guggulipid. Guggul has been used centuries ago by the ayurvedic ( Indian medical system) in the treatment of many diseases.

Did you know when researchers begin to explore this herb?

Only in 1960 and they discover one of the benefits of Guggulipid: its ability to lower cholesterol and other lipids.

Dosage: recommended dose 500 -1000mg (standardized extract) 3 times a day.

Most common dosage: recommended dose 500 mg (standardized extract ) 3 times a day.

Standardization: 2.5 to 10% guggulsterone Z & E per dose (most current medical literature)


It treats high cholesterol. By doing this it reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. It lowers the LDL (Bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (Good) cholesterol.

In the blood vessels, it also reduces atherosclerotic plaques.

It has shown antioxidant properties. In fact, it protects the heart from damage that can cause free radicals.

Many people are taking this herb for its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has been demonstrated that this herb may easily replace Ibuprofen.

Side effects:

A wise decision is to inform your doctor about any dietary supplement you are taking to avoid interaction, toxicity and side effects.

Generally,this supplement is considered safe when used as recommended.

If you have hyperthyroidism, avoid taking this herb. And if you have to, ask a physician.

Minor side effects can be related to its use like skin rash, nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal distress. Generally if you stop taking this herb, these side effects will disappear. If not or if they become even severe, contact your doctor.

Women who are pregnant or peastfeeding should consult their healthcare provider despite of the fact that no adverse effects of this supplement have been reported.

Avoid giving it to children to avoid undiagnosed allergies.

Health Conditions related:

Acne: It showed surprising promises in treating nodulocytic acne particularly in patients with oily skin.

Hyperlipidemia: Studies in human demonstrated that this gum lowers cholesterol and other lipids.

Obesity and weight loss: this gum catches the attention of researchers for its ability to help losing weight. People who are serious about weight loss should really consider using Guggul.