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Gotu Kola Root Facts about Gotu Kola
benefits and Side Effects

gotu kola root picture Gotu kola has been discovered in China, India and Indonesia. During centuries, people of these regions use this root for its ability to heal, increase sexual potency and energy.

It has also been ingested for other medicinal purposes.

Facts about Gotu Kola Root:

It contains no caffeine.

Experiences demonstrate its positive effects on tissues: this herb has the ability to improve venous insufficiency, infection and tissue inflammation. It also helps the body in building collagen.

Dosage info:

Most common dosage: 500 mg twice daily from standardized extract.

Dosage: 100 – 200 mg daily from standardized extract

Standardization: Medical knowledge recommends to extract this herb and standardize it to 2-8% tripertene and 10 to 30% asiaticosides per doses.

Gotu Kola Root Benefits:

People who suffer from scleroderma , cellulites and other skin related diseases may get tremendous health benefits by using this herb. Research have shown that the presence of this leaf may significantly increase the percentage of collagen in skin tissue. This may probably explain its effects in promoting wound healing and its action on basal endothelia

Because of its effects on collagen, Gotu kola also supports joints and connective tissue and show noticeable health benefits in the treatment of phlebitis and varicose veins. It is recommended the use of this leaf to people who have venous and capillary problems.

For the same reason above, this root may help restore skin elasticity after pregnancy by improving the stretch marks.

Latest research on this root suggests that it may be benefit to patients with gastric ulcer or herpes simplex virus.

During a long time, Chinese used this herb to improve mental function.

Another fact about this leaf is its recommendation for many conditions associated with tissue swelling and arthritis.

Another benefit of this herb: it helps with anxiety because of its calming effects.

Warning and side effects:

Be aware that any dietary supplement, root or herb can cause side effects. These effects vary with the doses taken and the patient body. One of the possible side effects of gotu kola extract is dermatitis with topical application. If this happens to you, stop using it and the side effects will probably go away. If not, talk to your doctor.

Another warning: do not use this supplement if you are pregnant or peast-feeding an infant.

Other facts about Gotu kola:

Is it safe for children to use it? Medical researches ask not to use this root in children under 10 years of age. Not because adverse effects have been reported with its use in children. In fact, young children may have undiagnosed medical conditions and allergy.

Do not take it if you have diabetes or under medications to regulate your blood glucose sugar levels

Do not take gotu kola if you have high cholesterol levels.

Health related conditions:

*Cellulitis and burns: beneficial effect in the management of this skin problem

*Hemorrhoids: used both internally and topically for this condition.

*Psoriasis,varicose: beneficial effects have been reported by the use of Gotu kola.