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Dexatrim Reviews

Dexatrim Max 20

I guess you have heard about Dexatrim at one time or another. It's is one of the most popular fat burners.

These diet pills are on the market for many years now and during these years, they have been changed and improved a lot.

However, at first the Dexatrim formula contained mainly something called phenylpropanolamine.

Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) itself was an over-the-counter cold medication used to treat pulmonary congestion. Phenylpropanolamine was a main ingredient of many different weight loss products and fat burners but it was not as popular and used as ephedrine was.

Several years later, the Yale University made a report, which claimed that PPA might be a cause for hemorrhagic stroke in women. This is the way in which phenylpropanolamine was dropped from the list of common ingredients in fat burners and weight loss products.

Then, the formula became an ephedrine-based product. However, when the ephedrine was banned as well in 2003, Dexatrim, like many other fat burners, changed its formula to an ephedra-free and natural carb blocker.

That is how the Dexatrim products evolved into ephedra-free products. Today’s these fat burners products are all ephedra free. These are some of them:

*Natural Green Tea

*Max Natural Ephedrine Free

*Natural No Caffeine


*Results Ephedrine Free

*Max 2o Maximum Weight Loss Powder

The listed products are actually almost the same in content. Although they have different names, all these products have similar content. They share a base formula while each product contains specific ingredients. These additive ingredients could be completely different in the content of the different variations of Dexatrim.

The diet pill contains many usual nutrients found in any vitamin supplements under the daily value recommended (low levels). They are:

*Vitamin E 5 UI

*Manganese 0.67 mg

*Zinc 2.5 mg

*Magnesium 6.7 mg

*Phosphorous 70 mg

*Calcium 90 mg

*Pantothenic acid 5 mg

*Vitamin C 10 mg

*Vitamin B6 2 mg

The other ingredients can be found in 2 Proprietary herbal blends that contain respectively 202 mg and 130 mg.

Other common ingredients for most of these products are blood sugar regulators like vanadyl, fenugreek, and chromium (40 mcg). These ingredients may play an important role in weight loss by decreasing body fat while increasing lean body mass.

The manufacturer also added to the formulas synephrine (bitter orange), caffeine, calcium, kola nut, guarana and green tea. Synephrine, the main active ingredient of a plant called Citrus aurantium combined with the other ingredients cited above has demonstrated its ability as a mild stimulant in dogs.

However, there is a lack of scientific evidence about these properties in humans.

The main ingredients of the Natural Green Tea product are mainly green tea and chromium, ginseng as well. Because it contains green tea and green tea is the only ingredient that offers solid clinical data demonstrating its effectiveness as a fat burner, I would believe in the effectiveness of this product.

But, as said above, much of Dexatrim ingredients are usually just listed on the labels. This makes it hard to find out how much exactly of each ingredient is in the compilation. In case that we do not know how much in each ingredient is in the formula, we can’t be sure whether it is effective. What we know for sure is that Dexatrim contains much caffeine as most fat burners do.


In the end, is it Dexatrim effective? Does it work?

All these "ephedrine free" versions are actually very helpful when it comes to weight loss. However, these products could be dangerous for your health. An example: synephrine can cause an elevation of the blood pressure and should be avoided by people who suffer from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

My final advice is to be careful. Although the product will not give you fast results, it contains ingredients such as green tea, and blood sugar moderators, which are good for your body for sure. Unfortunately, Dexatrim may not work without the help of a diet and a good exercise program.