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Clinicallix Reviews


For Clinicallix, having the best weight loss ingredients was not enough. So instead, they decided to use the best weight loss compounds. Compounds use clinically proven ingredients that work better and promote more weight loss together than they would alone. Some do not promote weight loss at all except when they are found in the right combination. With this in mind, Clinicallix promises to provide you with 30 pounds weight loss in 30 days.


Guarana, yerba mate, damiana -this formula only works in this combination. If you separate the ingredients, you get no results. But when combined, studies have shown that participants lost 11.2 pounds as opposed to 0.7 pounds in the placebo group

Glucomannan -with a minimum dose of 1000mg, which Clinicallix is the only company to use, glucomannan is a natural fiber which expands in the stomach, filling most of it and acting like a surgery free gastric bypass. And then it passes through the system, also promoting better digestive health.

Garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, chromium polynicotinate -all of these ingredients have been proven to work on their own, though chromium really promotes smaller benefits. But together, they promote a weight loss of 14.99 pounds average as opposed to 3 pounds in the placebo group.


At $59.99, Clinicallix may not be in an ideal price range if you are used to products like the grocery store brands. But if you consider their formula, which is obviously far better and far more effective than any grocery store brand, the price is more than justified and worth it. And just incase, they offer a lifetime money back guarantee.

Deduction of Clinicallix:

Clinicallix is one of the best diet pills we’ve seen, using 3 weight loss compounds that promote more weight loss than any individual ingredient by playing off each other’s strengths. We definitely recommend this product and believe you might very well see more weight loss with it than any other you could find.