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Certified Acai Reviews

Certified Acai

Certified Acai is supposed to be the ultimate formula for your greater needs. They claim that Certified Acai will detoxify your colon while also helping you to lose weight, reduce fatigue, and fight various other problems often associated with a toxic colon. They focus on press coverage surrounding acai, even claiming to have support from WebMD, an organization that does not support any natural treatments or ingredients of any kind ironically.


Acai -yes, the only ingredient listed in Certified Acai is acai. It does not promote cleansing, it does not promote weight loss in any way generally speaking. This being said, it does have vitamins. But frankly, they don't even seem to have substantial amounts.


It may seem appealing that it is free. They offer a “free trial offer” that within just a few days of receipt turns into an expensive auto ship order. Most diet pills cost anywhere from $5 to about $30. This product costs $64.95 and they can't even give you the courtesy of telling you what's really in it. This being said, it's definitely not worth a significantly higher price than normal.


We would not recommend using this formula. Certified Acai is just another rip off and a scam. It has none of the right ingredients, none of the right amounts, and there are various products that are much better to say the least. We would highly recommend finding something else, preferably something with more honest tactics and realistically speaking more than just acai.