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Calmslim Reviews


Calmslim is a fat burner claiming to be specifically made for women using holistic approaches and the best fat burners that work without stimulants or otherwise side effects. They focus on the idea that it is developed by experts in “Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

What are the ingredients?

Garcinia cambogia -this ingredient has been proven to affect the systems. But it works best when used in combination with gymnema sylvestre and chromium polynicotinate specifically. Other forms of chromium do not share the same potency.

Chromium -with questionable clinical tests, chromium has only been shown to promote modest weight loss in athletes. Outside of athletes, it seems to have no affect as compared to the placebo group, and it is not as effective as some more potent forms including the patented chromemate.

White kidney bean -otherwise known as phaseolus vulgaris, this is generally used to block carbohydrate absorption in larger amounts, generally above 1000mg.

Blackberry -this fruit can of course be good for you if incorporated into a healthy diet and provide antioxidant benefits. But it does not actually promote weight loss.

Gymnema sylvestre -this has been used to control blood sugar levels and reduce the taste of sugar in the mouth, therefore reducing sugar cravings theoretically. However, it works best in proven combinations.

Cassia nomame -a natural lipase inhibitor, it disrupts digestive enzyme processes, theoretically blocking fat from entering the system in small percentages.

Green tea - Recent research has confirmed that Geen Tea can cause weight loss as a potent appetite supressant, a thermogenic formula, and by burning fat over protein. But it only works when used in doses of 400mg or more.


Calmslim generally sells for about $40 per bottle, which is rather high considering they don’t have the right amounts of any one ingredient, and they really have only one solidly proven weight loss ingredient.

Deduction of Calmslim:

We would not suggest buying Calmslim for the simple reason that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t have the proper weight loss ingredients, the proper amounts, and they even try to claim they work without caffeine when one of their main ingredients is green tea. They are a relatively small company, and the likelihood is they will soon go out of business. Don’t waste your money on Calmslim