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Barry's Bootcamp Reviews

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp claims that they give you 5 DVD's that will help you to burn away the fat and lose weight. They claim that the creator was into fast food just like you and a busy lifestyle as well. But he found his calling apparently at a desk job at a local fitness club. From there, he created a plan to help you to lose more weight combining bootcamp with qualified instructors or in this case videos.

So what are the ingredients?

Well technically there are no ingredients. But they have 5 DVD's, each supposedly designed to target one or two areas of the body at a time.

Butt & Legs -this one hour video uses a celebrity fitness trainer Nadia to go through a lower body strength training and cardio workout. Yes, the cardio is good, but no you cannot target one area of fat.

Chest & Abs -this is actually directed by celebrity trainer Rich. They claim it has an intense upper body and core strength training workout. It builds a great chest and sculpted abs through a 1 hour workout. Again, they seem to focus on strength training and you cannot target one area of fat. But this seems to include no actual fat burning cardio

Full body -directed by Barry Jay, they have a full body strength training and cardio workout. They claim it will give you a strong and lean body helping you to use your body own body weight for one hour. This could be a good idea. However, there are really no examples of the workouts.

Shoulders & Back -taken using celebrity trainer Joey, this apparently helps you to blast fat using cardio and workouts to sculpt the shoulders and back. They also have a treadmill workout with this. Again, it's a matter of we're not sure that they really have cardio at all among other things.

Arms & Abs -Using the Biggest Loser's Allison Sweeney, this apparently helps you to strengthen your arms and otherwise using weights. They claim it's an "intense strength training and cardio workout." But again, there are no real examples besides weights.


They generally charge about $14.95 for each DVD, but you can get all 5 for $39.95. And basically they make you buy all 5, because they say that “for maximum results get all 5 discs covering a 5 day full body workout.


We would not recommend this program. There is a reason why Barry's Bootcamp is a mere shadow in popularity as compared to for example P90X. While P90X certainly has its faults like not being a long term program, it has moves that will actually help you to see the results. This program relies on celebrity endorsements and workout videos more than anything else. We would not recommend wasting the time or money.