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AbGone Reviews

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AbGone is one of the fat burners that can be called “cortisol weight loss pill”. It has been created by Biotech Research. In fact they promise to help you lose weight by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone. ccording to its claims, the diet pill will help you to eliminate the fat of the abdominal area. Specifically, this supplement is designed to help you to burn abdominal fat in a healthy way.

You guess that AbGone is not the only diet pill that made such claims. You have probably heard about the “popular” Cortislim and also Relacore. As you probably know, Cortislim had some serious trouble with the Federal Trade Commission about their product.

But the main question is: Does Abgone really work? What are its side effects? Can we validate its claims? The only way to elucidate these questions is to review the ingredients.


Phosphatidy lserine must be taken at recommended dosage to be valuable. The recommended dosage is 200 to 500 mg daily or 100 mg three times daily. Studies have demonstrated its ability to improve concentration, learning and memory.

It is also recommended for people who deal with stress providing many benefits to people who are subject to physical daily stress like athletes and individuals who are under emotional stress regularly caused by their jobs or lifestyle.

Effectively, Phosphatidy lserine is able to reduce the increased levels in cortisol due to exercises. Does this mean it can help you lose weight? I have serious doubt about it.

We all must understand there is a missing link between a slightly elevated cortisol and weight gain. We accept the fact that someone who suffers from the Cushing Syndrome (a serious hormonal disease) will gain weight. But in this case, the appropriate behavior is to consult a physician and forget about supplements.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has demonstrated antioxidant properties. It also helps fighting cancer. As a fat burner, it increases calorie expenditure (thermogenesis) and help burning fat. No side effects are reported with the supplementation with this nutrient.

Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine: They are all amino acids and are part of proteins. Do they help build muscle? Of course when people take them at acceptable doses. But unfortunately, the amount of these amino acids in Abgone is not high enough to help us beneficiate from the properties of these nutrients.

Dandelion Root Leaf Powder: they are diuretics. They help anyone who take them eliminate the excess of water into their body

Chromium Polynicotinate: is well known as a blood sugar regulator. It helps lower the glucose level into the body if it is too high. People with diabetes use it with good results. Chromium is recognized as a powerful ingredient.

Bottom line:

As we said earlier, there isn’t scientific evidence that lowering cortisol, the stress hormone will lead to a weight loss. We consider these claims onBiotech home page and other home page of other websitesas unethical marketing and commercial techniques.

Despite of these claims, this weight loss pill contains many ingredients that could help its efficiency. The main problem is the low level of these ingredients. The proprietary contains about 820 mg of ingredients. We can guess the low doses of each ingredient and their inefficiency at these doses.

If you are really looking for a weight loss supplement, your first choice will certainly not be Abgone.